One rule for the Tories and another for us
- But our voice is never heard

For a socialist MP

on a worker's wage!

Working-class people have had living standards and services depressed for years, but where is the opposition? Not from any establishment politician.

Dave was a socialist Labour MP from 1983-92 in Coventry. Labour expelled him for helping organise mass non-payment of Maggie Thatcher’s Poll Tax.

The Tory and Labour establishment hated Dave because he refused to take a huge MP's salary. Instead he took the same wage as a local skilled factory worker – he was a socialist MP on a worker’s wage. If Dave is elected, he will do the same today.

MPs get £82k. Dave would give £50k back to campaigns for our area.

When Birmingham Labour attacked our bin and homecare workers, Dave and TUSC supporters mobilised support nationally to help them win.

Red Tory, Blue Tory, Yellow Tory – there’s no difference. We need someone on our side. Someone the system can’t buy.

A socialist MP on a worker’s wage living the same life as us, not insulated from our problems.

A Fighting Socialist
In office and in the struggle

1998 to 2012: Dave was a Socialist Party councillor in Coventry. While Labour started privatising our NHS, public housing, schools and services and launched wars for oil, Dave gave a fighting voice for working-class people.

For 20 years, Dave worked for Citizens Advice representing working-class people, fighting evictions and benefit cuts in court and at tribunals.

They say inflation is 5%. Not for ordinary people, it isn’t!

Essentials up over 20%. Paying basic bills is becoming impossible. Our energy bills soaring. Yet in the last ten years the oil and gas companies paid £200 billion to shareholders in dividends - and they say there’s no money!

There is the money – and we’ll fight to get it for people like us!

Working-class people in our city have been thrown under the bus for years now. While luxury apartments appear in the city centre, social housing declines elsewhere.

To combat the housing crisis we need a mass programme of high-quality council house building and repairs.

We fight to stop all cuts but also return to public ownership all the valuable services sold off, closed and abandoned over the years.

Services like nurseries and free child care, youth centres, sports clubs, libraries, swimming pools and more that have been stolen. They should be returned for the benefit of all. Not top-down corporate vanity projects like the Commonwealth Games.

Dave speaking to a protest of Birmingham firefighters

Dave says: Socialists want change!

“In all our activity, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition campaigners fight for every possible improvement for working people.

The gap between the rich and the rest of us has never been wider, but the difference between the major parties has never been narrower.

Working people need a new party that stands up for them. And a new way of running the economy to benefit the majority, not just the billionaires.

In this rich country, everyone should be able to afford a warm home, a well-paid job, free education and health, while protecting our environment

If the system can't afford that, we need to change the system along socialist lines to one that works for us!”

Nationalise to save GKN!

Birmingham’s unemployment rate is the highest of any major British city.

Now Erdington’s GKN plant is set to close with the loss of 500-plus skilled jobs. Johnson claimed Brexit was about ‘taking control’ but instead of intervening and nationalising GKN, the Tories let it go to the wall.

Dave, in contrast, led one of the three national campaigns to leave the EU, explaining it is Thatcherism on a continental scale which limits a governments’ ability to defend working class interests – for example to nationalise plants threatened with closure.

Johnson's plan for Brexit is the same as the EU’s. Giving big employers more liberty to attack workers’ pay, rights and conditions and to sell off our NHS to US private health companies. We need an MP to cut through both Tory and Labour Brexit jargon and put workers first.

On the bin workers' strike

Dave campaigns for:

💰 Stop the cost of living squeeze! Wage rises for all that at least keep pace with inflation.

💲 For a £15 an hour minimum wage now. End zero-hour contracts.

👵 For an immediate 50% increase in state pensions and benefits.

💊 Save our NHS. No cuts, closures or privatisation. Free social care for all.

🏡 For rent control and a major building programme of high-quality council homes.

🚂 Re-nationalise energy companies, rail, Royal Mail and the other privatised utilities.

📚 Abolish the anti-trade union laws.

🏫 For free education for all, from nursery to university. Abolish tuition fees now.

🌍 Combat climate change, including with a free to use expanded public transport system, instead of congestion charges.

❤ For a socialist society, where the economy is planned sustainably and run democratically.

What is TUSC?

TUSC is a coalition of the RMT rail and transport union, the Socialist Party, Resist and other socialists. It enables trade unionists, community campaigners and socialists to stand together against the pro-austerity establishment parties. It is a beginning - a step towards the kind of party we need to deliver a socialist alternative to austerity.

Dave is the national chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), a Socialist Party member and has been involved in numerous campaigns for both over the years. An archive of his written works is available here.